Amarr 6634 SuperTherm KnockOut Door

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Specifically designed for perishable and cold storage facilities with:
  • Moderate panel damage
  • Moderate to severe track damage
  • Higher R-value requirements


Moisture Resistant Panel:
Closed-cell foam core provides R-23 rated damage resistant fiberglass interior facing for consistent temperature control
  • Full height Impact-A-Track™ provides total protection against the most abusive impacts from top to bottom.
  • 4” thick insulated, foam core panel with damage resistant polymer interior facing
  • Heavy-duty, retractable plungers allow door to release from the opening upon impact
  • Tight perimeter weather seal incorporates a double loop seal to prevent energy loss. Seal is attached to the panel versus the door jamb, keeping it out of harms’ way to provide a consistent seal.
  • The unique double compression side and bottom seals provide an energy efficient seal that separates cold interior temperatures from the ambient exterior temperatures that are common with refrigerated facilities
  • 5 year Impact-A-Track™ warranty
  • 1 year panel performance warranty
  • 1 year material and workmanship warranty


Thermal Pane Rectangular Window: Provides visibility outside the cold storage facility for cold storage environments.
Super Bottom Panel: : Adds strength and durability where most impacts occur. (2 year performance warranty)

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Model comparison chart

  Amarr 6632
Impact KnockOut
Amarr 6635
SuperImpact Insulated
Amarr 6600
Non-Insulated KnockOut
Amarr 6634
SuperTherm KnockOut
Moderate Damage    
Sever Damage    
Cold Storage  

Additional Options and Accessories

Double Knockout Header
Allows the door to knock out in both directions at the top of the door opening (vertical lift track only).
Bottom Brush Seal
In addition to bottom loop seal for maximum perimeter seal.
E-Lift CounterWeight
Adjustable system eliminates the need for counterbalance springs.


California Residents: Proposition 65 WARNING